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Designer Door Hardware

Dayoris has taken the designer door hardware world by storm. We carry a complete line of modern hardware ready to be ordered from the comfort of your home. Now you can make every space count by adding the latest stainless steel solutions in modern hardware designs for your contemporary doors. Besides door handles we also have designer deadbolts, designer door pulls, and countless others to rejuvenate your modern door. These products are very high-end. It’s definitely not what your neighborhood hardware store sells.

Sleek and contemporary to match diver applications, we provide perfect architectural dimensions in line with your minimalist doors. Our collection enjoys the most delicate stainless steel designs from Italy. Attractive in appearance and functionality, they make a grand statement in any modern environment. We display models uniquely crafted to meet all your standards.


Door hardware plays such crucial role in your overall decoration. Before entering a room or opening a cabinet, the first thing guests must see and feel is the door hardware. All our hardware comes from Italy and it’s beautifully designed to fit the door of your dreams.

A new line of beautiful contemporary door accessories is right at your fingertips. We offer straight modern levers as well as curved stainless steel levers. Our collection enjoys other commodities such as designer doors stops, and stainless steel doorbells to greet your guests with glamour.

All our door hardware is designed having our clients in mind. These high quality stainless steel hardware pieces are the same ones that architects and designers have been using for years. Now we bring them directly to you. All you need to do is point and click and they will be delivered to your front door.

Keep your home safe with our easy-to-install solutions. Our stylish, secure door hardware collections have a prestigious reputation in the metropolitan world. Durable designer door locks and advanced lock systems are also available to order from the convenience of your home.


We are always striving to have the best customer service. You may contact us if you have any questions about the sizing, installation and quality of our product.

Designer Door Handles


Designer Door Stoppers


Designer Door Pulls

Designer door handles


Designer door stops


Designer door pulls

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Designer doorbells


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Designer Door Hardware

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