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Photos of modern panelling walls





Here are some pictures showing installed panels, some with stainless steel lines between panels, some without, and some with other colors in between.These modern wall panels can also be glued next to each other.

Pictures of wood paneling






Black Wall Panels




Our Wall panels can be ordered in many different colors, sizes and grain.

Your home or office can be surrounded by we special items






Make a Statement...




This modern wall paneling features 25 prestige walnut laminate panels, done with black edges, and 1/4" space backing.






Make combinations...




In this picture, you can see a combination of Planked Deluxe Pear Wood wall panels, and green gloss paneling, using black edges and 1/2" space beetween each panels.





Make Blue and Maple panels...



For Public and Residential spaces, these panels will refine the complete look of your modern space.

Combine red and beige gloss


A Modern touch for your home or office


White wall Panels






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