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Wood Wall Panels

Designer Wood Wall Panels

Using the finest Italian laminate, our wood grain laminate wall panels are a beautiful upgrade to any home or office space.  These panels create warmth and interest in any room.


Modern Wall Panels

Modern Wall Panels

Our modern wall panels section offers a variety of solid colors, some with a textured finish. You can further accentuate your design with black, contrasting color, or stainless steel strips that are visible between the panels.


Modern Doors

Miami Modern Doors

Our contemporary interior doors are a great fit to any home or office use for a modern change.These doors will be made to fit your measurements.

Designer Door Hardware

Designer Doors Hardware

Designer door hardware can be purchased with our sets of modern interior doors, sliding doors, pocket doors or can be purchased to be installed separately.

Wood Wall Panels


Modern Wall Panels


Contemporary Wall Panels


Wall Panel Systems

Dayoris is best known for our wood wall panels. Made from high quality Italian laminate, they are available in many different finishes. These wood wall panels provide the modern touch you need for your contemporary home. Now, you can even add stainless steel strips between your wood wall panels.   Our modern wall panels are available in many different modern colors. They install very easily, without any messy demolition.  These modern wall panels can complete any architectural project with their decorative design.   Having a contemporary home or office starts with the architecture itself including what is on the walls. These contemporary wall panels add value to any room.  And, because they are easy to install, they are a pleasure to work with.   Our new wall panel systems are available in different types of contemporary colors and finishes. They can be delivered in approximately 2 weeks. Any modern home decor can benefit from wall panel systems . Since they are available in so many styles, our wall panel systems are extremely versatile.



Brand New Wall Covering System

DAYORIS Group provides a variety of wall paneling systems to architects, designers, builders and homeowners, with many options, and they are available either in wood designs or solid color designs.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of affordable, easy to install modern wall paneling systems, and we waste no time in shipping them to you. It is our mission to standardize the process of time-consuming carpentry work, and still provide you with a superlative quality product. Back when we started up, our contemporary wall panels were limited to only a few colors and sizes; our customers had to call for and wait to be sent an estimate.

Sure, we had many happy customers, but we knew there had to be a better way to serve them and we found a way to streamline the process.

Presently we offer you, our clients and prospective clients a wider range of options that include simple Online ordering and a patent-pending easy installation process, so that now you can easily order and install these wood wall panels.

Order our modern wall systems Online by selecting Size, Thickness, Panel orientation, Grain orientation, Edge Finish and Color.

The installation of contemporary wall panels is the best way to upgrade your home or office. It adds that modern touch and creates a dramatic impact on the décor of your room. DAYORIS Group materials are in stock and ready for cutting to your specifications.

DAYORIS Group custom modern wood wall panels are easy to purchase Online and easy to install. All that is needed is to apply a pair heavy-duty tape strips to the back sides of the contemporary panel and apply liquid nails that will create a quick bond to the wall. Each of these modern wood wall panels can be installed in under two minutes. 

It usually takes two weeks from the time of purchase for your elegant modern wall paneling reaches you. Just think, in two short weeks it’s manufactured and in your hands, and voila it is installed in under two minutes.

Our modern wall panel systems may come in different options, but they will add value to your home and office. Plus, you create your own design! Match or add wood grain surfaces to your walls, maybe add a splash of new color to your scheme.

Also, you can place stainless steel strips in your choice of widths between your wood wall panelings, making it look expensive, and saves you from painting between the lines for that finished look.

Before DAYORIS Group made contemporary wall paneling so simple, the end user had to bring in outside contractors and that resulted in prolonged and costly installations. 

Design like a professional!

Once upon a time, Decorators, Designers and Architects used paneling to enhance their projects due to its versatility and timeless appeal.

Today, DAYORIS Group has simplified the process.

Now DAYORIS Group’s modern wall panels are available to anyone with a creative bent to turn living- and work-space into something desirable and pleasurable, and that reflects personal style and taste. You can easily achieve the look and feel of a decorated high-end, custom-made home or office. Panel colors range from neutral and muted shades to brighter and vibrant ones. You also can create a custom, built-in look for your high definition flat screen TV. 

DAYORIS Group makes it simple. It's as easy as shopping Online.

DAYORIS Group’s contemporary wall panels add elegance and style to your home. These custom panels are available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs.

Be your own designer...

Dayoris' designer wall panels can be ordered by size, according to your specifications. Stainless steel strips can be added to accent your panels.

Show your true colors!

Show your schools team pride with green and gold wall panels. Use yellow and black wall panels to show your team spirit. Show your patriotism with red white and blue wall panels. Promote your business with your company's colors, orange and purple wall panels. The color combinations are endless.

Our modern colored laminate wall panels are as easy to install as they are to order. All you need is double sided tape and liquid nails. Simple installation instructions are supplied with each order.

Yes, it's that easy.


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